Christmas Greetings from the National Chaplain of the Catholic Medical Association

December 24, 2018 6:23 pm
December 21, 2018
Dear Members of the Catholic Medical Association,

As we celebrate Christmas, I draw your attention to the third verse of “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing,” which is the following:

Hail the heav’nly Prince of Peace!
Hail the Sun of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings,
Ris’n with healing in His wings.
Mild He lays His glory by,
Born that man no more may die;
Born to raise the sons of earth,
Born to give them second birth.

This echoes Malachi 4:2 where the prophet speaks of the sun of justice that will arise with healing in its wings, which is understood as a reference to the coming of the Savior, who is Jesus Christ. So, at his birth he comes into the world like the rising sun with healing for us, especially from the maladies of sin and death.

All of us in the Catholic Medical Association are joined to the healing mission of Christ. We are challenged to be conscious that whenever we use our God-given talents in the practice of medicine or exercise a solicitude of charity for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of those we serve, that we are allowing the healing power of Jesus to work through us.
This Christmas it is my prayer for all of our members that we experience through the care that we give to the sick that Christ with his healing power is born again through us to bring healing to them. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Matthew Gutowski, STL
National Chaplain

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